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About Me


You'll find me wearing a bum-bag, clipboard in hand, having the time of my life!

Hi! I'm Molly, I have a slight addiction to that smile I get whenever I ask if everything's OK and someone's having the best day ever!

I love producing weddings that truly reflect the couples they're about and believe that I can help to make wedding planning more fun and less stressful for everyone.

Before my passion for weddings took over, I worked in corporate events, producing courses and conferences for top notch companies so I would say I have seen events from every possible angle.

I love working with local, independent businesses that are as passionate about unique weddings as I am. Click here to find out about the people and small businesses I work with on a regular basis.

When I'm not donning a bum-bag and a clipboard, I'm usually off on adventures with my sausage dog, and #1 employee, Dougie.

If you want to know any more facts about me you can head over to my first blog post.

Molly Willcox

What's important to me?

The things that are most important to me form the pillars of my business and my approach to planning amazing events.


It takes a village to get through life, and all of its events, so I believe that building and sharing those communities, are the key to success. 


Without people, and every aspect of their personalities, events would just be boring! Embracing everyone's individuality is what makes for the best, most unique events.


There is no reason anyone should face barriers when it comes to love or living their best lives. I am an absolute sucker for a love story regardless of who you are or how you express yourself and that will never change.

So what can I do for you?

Now you know a little bit about me you're probably wondering what I can do for you - Well let's find out!

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