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Frequently Asked Questions

I've answered some Frequently Asked Questions below to help convince you I'm the right fit for you! 

Can I hire a wedding co-ordinator if my venue already has one?

Absolutely! There's a variety of reasons you would hire a wedding planner or co-ordinator even if your venue is already offering one but I make it clear from the get go - I am here to work *with* everyone involved in your wedding, not against them, it takes a village after all!

Why should I spend my money for someone to plan my wedding when I could just do it myself?

Well, hear me out but, I could actually save you money in the long run! Weddings are generally expensive, and known to be stressful, there's no doubt about that, but couples who don't work with a wedding planner tend to make expensive mistakes and stress more. I can help to avoid this with my tried and tested list of suppliers and knowledge of the industry having done this for a while now.

Do I have to use the suppliers you recommend?

Nope, not at all. The suppliers I recommend are simply tried and tested by myself or couples I've worked with and if I've recommended them to you it's because I think they'd fit your vibe but you don't have to agree! Each couple, and their wedding, should be as individual as themselves!

Why should I hire you for my corporate event?

Sometimes, when you've been staring a problem in the face a little too long, a fresh pair of eyes is all you need! I can be those fresh pair of eyes and bring a new perspective and various solutions to the table. As with weddings, I can also help you avoid expensive mistakes. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if your team would like to meet me to discuss your needs.

Are you up for a challenge?


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