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List: 10 Alternative first dance songs

Look, there's nothing wrong with a bit of Ed Sheeran or John Legend if that's your vibe but as someone who sees A LOT of weddings, in my humble opinion, there are so many songs out there that can out-do them!

Firstly, I want to briefly touch on the tradition of a 'First Dance' because, as with many traditions, it's not for everyone and it's good to know where it comes from if it's going to be a part of your wedding. This tradition originates from times long before we were swiping right to find a spouse, way back to when people 'courted' and accepting an invitation to dance basically meant you had just accepted a marriage proposal and you were now looking at the person you were about to marry and pop out 3 kids in as many years for!

This tradition has obviously evolved and lost some of that meaning now but I personally see it as a great way to set the tone and kick off the evening's entertainment at your wedding reception.

So this is a list of alternative songs for your first dance, not alternative by genre definition necessarily, just meaning I hardly ever hear these played at weddings and they are so worthy of a first dance! To listen to any of these, and more I deem worthy of the first dance honorary title, you can click here to listen to the Spotify playlist I have put together.

*Disclaimer: I'm no music expert or professional, I just love an under-appreciated love song!

  1. I Hate Love Songs - Kelsea Ballerini (Unapologetically, 2018) : Hear me out! This song is the right rhythm for a slow dance if you want to keep it slightly traditional but perfect for those couples who aren't super lovey-dovey, don't like PDA and probably fist-bumped at the alter!

  2. The Power of Love - Huey Lewis and the News (Back to the Future Soundtrack, 1985) : An oldie but such a goody! 80's film fans will rejoice in hearing this absolute classic set the tone for a dance filled evening!

  3. Turn - The Wombats (Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, 2018) : For the slightly chaotic couple, the lyrics "Maybe it's the crazy I'd miss, It won't get better than this" is sure to make everyone see the slightly soppy side to this mis-shaped love song.

  4. More - Sam Ryder (There's Nothing But Space, Man!, 2022) : Lyrically this is just a really sweet song but it's got a boppy and slightly catchy tune which will ensure everyone's doing their best lip-syncing (there's no way you're hitting those high notes!) on the dance floor.

  5. Still into You - Paramore (Paramore, 2013) : We've all heard The Only Exception which is the romantic Paramore song depicting that person that becomes the exception to the rule for the guarded lover but Still into You is the more raw, punky sister which can start mosh pits the world over and is perfect for couples who have been together forever!

  6. Impossible - Nothing But Thieves (Moral Panic, 2020) : Something slow to dance to with an edge. When the drums kick in, that's when your inner rock stars can make an appearance! They've also just released an orchestral version of this which is just *chefs kiss*.

  7. Electric Love - Børns (Candy, 2014) : If you want your first dance to give 'spinning in a flower meadow' kind of vibes, this is the one! It's warm and fun and has been popular on social media so if that's something you're into, this is the one for you.

  8. Toothpaste Kisses - The Maccabees (Colour It In, 2007) : A simple, short but sweet and un-complicated song to hop around the dance floor to.

  9. Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club (Tourist History, 2010) : Throwing it back to the days of an i-pod shuffle that was stuck in the same loop and this was always the first song on my playlist! That aside, you can't help but dance to this banger and watching your friends try to sing the really fast lyrics in the chorus is really quite funny 3+ drinks deep!

  10. Made - Spencer Crandall (Western, 2022) : I think we might be hearing a bit more of this song at weddings but for now it's still making the alternative list, more so because Country music still has a little way to go in the UK but this song is perfect for those who know they've worked incredibly hard at their relationship and will continue to consciously choose each other every day (which by the way, is a huge part of entering a marriage).

  11. "But Molly... You said this was a list of 10 songs... " Ok... hear me out... Never Gunna Give You Up - Rick Astley : for those whose relationship is built on banter! ;) I'll shut up now, sorry!

This list is in no way exhaustive and I would recommend following the playlist I have put together to get some more inspiration if you need it!

Don't forget to get in touch if you want to chat about your plans some more, I would love to hear about them!

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