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Real Wedding - Kingscote Barn - Sunday 14th April 2024

Quick run down of the first wedding of the 2024 season - Who doesn't love a wedding in the Cotswolds on a sunny April day?!


Kingscote Barn, The Cotswolds

BTS Photos



The sun dances I performed during the week worked because the sun was out all day long and although that spring breeze was bitter at times, we made light of it and pretended we were in Ibiza for the group photographs!

Bumbag item that came in clutch:

Scissors - labels on everything the bridal party were wearing!

Need to pack for next time:

Screwdriver set

Favourite part (other than the part where they get married of course!):

Meeting a guest who wanted to tell us all about how great her grandson smells & made me and Sara (Photographer) absolutely belly laugh! Oh and the Groom's speech which you wouldn't have known he wrote the night before if he hadn't told us! It was very sweet, sentimental & to the point!

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