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Real Wedding - Bristol Observatory - Saturday 20th April 2024

Round up of a taskmaster themed wedding with views for days on a rooftop in central Bristol with the sunshine beating down and a floral paradise. Yeah, I love my job!


BTS Photos


Florals by Persephone Violet (also the bride, what a rockstar?!)

Photography by Jackie of Fox & Beau Photography

Videography by Tea Smart & Ben Arthur

Added extras:


We could not have asked for better weather in April. Although it was cold as we got into the evening, the day was sunnier than we could have hoped for and it was a good job too because the observatory doesn't have much of a wet weather contingency at the moment!

Bumbag item that came in clutch:

Pens and my factor 50 sun cream!

Need to pack for next time:

More pens!

Favourite part (other than the part where they get married of course!):

The ceremony was just beautiful and extremely personal, Eleanor did a fantastic job with the script and the couple's ideas for games throughout. I also loved playing Taskmaster during the wedding breakfast - the Groom set tasks that were hidden under tables and I had the power of giving out the final clue!

Additional Challenges:

It can't be denied that this particular venue is a challenging one and isn't accessible to everyone, with no lifts, no parking or real access road and spiral staircases to get anywhere. I ended up with a step count of 18,424 steps and climbed 57 flights of stairs according to my fitbit! That said, it's so worth it as the space is gorgeous and views can't be beaten but this venue did serve as a reminder to me that we should always be mindful of catering to the venue we've chosen and not the other way round when we are considering our decorations, guests etc.

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