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Everything I Keep in my Emergency Wedding Day Kit!

Now I don't want to toot my own horn too loud but part of being a wedding planner is basically like being a superhero – but instead of a cape, we rock a trusty emergency kit. Oh yes, alongside the spreadsheets, timelines, and bottomless cup of coffee, I have a box filled with goodies to tackle any little (or sometimes not-so-little) hiccups that might arise on the big day.

Now, before you envision me repelling down a building with a sewing kit strapped to my thigh, relax! Most mishaps are thankfully minor. But I once had a very wise manager who would say "Fail to prepare or prepare to fail" so I prepare, probably a little too much, but a little peace of mind goes a long way!

So, let's peek inside of some of the things in my box of wedding day wonders -

The Attire Arsenal: A safety pin can be used for any number of fashion emergencies, fashion tape can tame a flyaway neckline and string and cotton wool can work wonders for cover ups and stain removals. And on that note, I've even got stain remover wipes for those inevitable "oops" moments.

The Beauty Brigade: Hairspray for a windblown updo, bobby pins for a hairstyle SOS (and fastening tricky buttons!), and a mini sewing kit for a bridesmaid with a wardrobe crisis – I've got it covered. Of course, some breath mints and a travel-sized deodorant never hurt either!

The DIY Doozies: Scissors, a mini screwdriver, and some industrial strength double sided tape can solve a surprising number of problems! And, as my dad always said, if it moves and it shouldn't, it needs Duct tape, if it doesn't move and it should, it needs WD40! Thanks for the life advice Dad!

The Inner Zen Zone: A pack dog treats for any 4 legged attendees and a pack of sweets for any smaller human attendees who need persuading! Of course, a pack of tissues is a must-have for those happy tears (or maybe just a case of pre-wedding jitters). A water bottle and some healthy snacks keep me fueled and focused throughout the long day.

The Wildcard Wonders: This is where things get interesting! A universal phone charger ensures no one's caught communication-less, a mini first-aid kit (with heart shaped plasters of course) is there for minor scrapes, and aux port adaptors for the very modern problem of not being able to play the music you need. Pens of all kinds are also packed, I'm talking chalk pens, sharpies, biros, calligraphy pens because you never know when you need to creatively label a last minute addition's place setting or touch up some signage.

As you can tell, the key is to be prepared for the unexpected. My kit might not be able to conjure sunshine on a rainy day, but it can definitely handle a button pop, a runaway veil, or a sudden sugar craving. 

So, the next time you see me looking calm and collected, remember – it's probably because I have a secret weapon (or ten) tucked away in my trusty 'just in case' box!

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